We’ll Look After Your Sofa

We’ll Look After Your Sofa

The big day is finally here, your pride and joy has just arrived. It has just taken up its place in its new home and invites you over to sit down. You take off your shoes, beaming ear to ear as you get closer, turn around…you are ready to enjoy this moment. You’ve been waiting what seems like an eternity for it even though it’s only been a week.

As you sink into the super soft cushions that you have dreamed about all week you can think of nothing in the world that will ever top this moment. It’s everything that you wanted and more. You sit back and enjoy a well earned drink as you marvel at how you, yes you, have chosen something so comfortable that fits and matches the living room so effortlessly. Maybe you should be an interior designer!

As the weeks go by your new soft and squishy friend makes the perfect companion for a whole host of activities. An impromptu afternoon nap before Sunday’s roast dinner. A movie night with the other half on a Thursday night when you finally get the house to yourselves. Eating breakfast and watching the news in your quiet half hour before the commute is upon you. Evening time you sit on it your stresses and worries drift away. That is until disaster strikes…

Whilst all of our sofas come with 12 months guarantee as standard, what are you to do if you don’t have cover in place when disaster strikes? I can picture it now. You’re called into the kitchen to lend a helping hand. A couple of minutes later you pour yourself a glass of fruity red wine as reward for a job well done and head back to your favourite spot away from it all. You’ve made the journey literally thousands of times but for some reason this time you catch the base of your glass on the side table and pour nearly a quarter of a bottle of the good stuff all over your seat. Disaster! Why has this happened? You’ve never done it before. Will your sofa ever forgive you? Its time to spring into action!

Get some kitchen towels straight away to mop up as much of the excess as you can, and then remove the stained fabrics so at least the catastrophe won’t spread. Next you want to get a bottle of your tried and trusted fabric cleaner and set it to work as soon as possible. It may look bad, but there is always hope so what’s the harm in trying? Fingers crossed and hope for the best folks!


You could upgrade to our 5 year coverage today and when disaster strikes all you have to do is pick up the phone. We know which we’d rather do!

Give your beloved sofa the touch of TLC that it deserves, pick up the phone today.


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