In The Mood For A Corner Sofa?There was a time w…

In The Mood For A Corner Sofa?

There was a time when the corner sofa was rarely seen on these shores. They would fill every mansion-sized home in every US drama or Hollywood movie imaginable, yet they’d never find their way into the supposedly smaller dwellings that us Brits call home. They were big, bulky, and many of us viewed them as simply over the top.

So what’s changed, and why are these curiously shaped living room additions suddenly popping up all over? Let’s take a look at a few of the top reasons why our customer are picking corner sofas over the traditional three piece suite.

They Maximise Your Space

Ever wondered what to do with that bit of space below the window where you can’t put furniture or the TV without blocking out the light? Not got enough room for another armchair but forever running out of space when friends and family come to visit? Look no further than the corner sofa to solve all your problems. They need only slightly more space than the existing three seater you’re sat on right now, but they allow you to utilise space in two distinct directions. Seriously, what’s not to like?

You Can Divide A Room

You don’t actually have to put your corner sofa in the corner. Instead you can use it to divide a large room into distinct spaces without sacrificing the open plan style that you love. Perfect for dividing contemporary apartments into a multitude of seating and dining spaces.

The Bit In The Corner Is Amazing

Whether you’re making sure you get the best spot during movie night, or you just want your sofa to give you a big warm hug every time you sit down, make sure you make a beeline for the bit in the corner. If you haven’t tried it yet then you have definitely been missing out on something truly special!

They Are Family Friendly

If you have little ones who love to lounge about you will know the feeling of having to perch in your least favourite armchair miles away from the TV all too well. Fortunately your new corner sofa will allow you to wave goodbye to those days in an instant. With more than enough space for everyone to stretch out and put their feet up the only battle you will have on your hands is making sure the little ones never find out just how good the bit in the corner is!

They Fit More Homes Than You Think!

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to have thousands of square feet of floor space free to bring a corner sofa home. With custom options to suit everyone, we can create something perfect just for you. Now that you’ve been bitten by the corner sofa bug why not send in your dimensions and we’ll get to work coming up with some ideas that will make your dream come true!

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